About spetrella

Susan L. Petrella, MBA, is Creative Director, Creative Orange County, a “think tank” @ the intersection of culture, commerce and community. Vision is to inspire, engage Orange County CA to be a “Creative” Community Showcase via partnerships and collaborations with likeminded individuals and organizations. A strategic thinker, analyst, branding expert, over the years, she’s led multimillion$ entrepreneurial endeavors, 2-45 person teams, for public (social enterprise, academia, Top US Arts Institution) and private organizations (Fortune 50, Fortune 500, Corporate $200M , small business).

1st Annual Creative Orange County Short Film/Video Festival Winners!!!

1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners have been decided…  Alas, they were to be showcased at TEDxSAArtistsVillage, which is cancelled.. We are working on another venue where we will show the winners.. Stay tuned for more information soon…


TEDx Team – Thank You!!

A very heartfelt thanks to the TEDx Team: Cheryl Posner, Todd Stauder,
Tyler Speer, Rob Croft and Wendy Sherman who did their very very best to bring to Orange County, a stellar TEDx event, TEDxSAArtistsVillage.

Tanya Aguiniga…

LA based furniture designer/maker, Tanya Aguiniga whose stage set you would have seen at TEDxSAArtistsVillage…

Recently, I saw Tanya’s work at CAFAM and was immediately awed…She graciously
agreed to create a unique lighting installation for our TEDx stage.
Alas, it was not meant to be.

Tanya was wonderful to work with.
Please check out her website, http://aguinigadesign.com/ and support her exhibitions and work…



“Ideas worth Spreading” Golden West College Students…

Celebrated International Peace Day at Golden West College yesterday… Loved the collegiate atmosphere, the vibrant, engaged young people.  They even had some “ideas worth spreading”… Here they are – –

  • Clean water initiative utilizing natural resources, power: Robin Sun
  • Trash into Treasures, turn everyone’s trash into quality items.  In Rwanda they turn newspapers into beautiful bracelets: Sarah Holcomb
  • Government needs to stop bailing out “Big” Banks with TARP money paid by taxpayers and use it towards the smaller, community and credit union banks to lend out money and stimulate the economy!: Oscar Sanchez
  • A worth without strangers.  Where there will be a way to know everything about everyone, the whole truth nothing but the truth: Sarah Holcomb
  • and anonymous, community development with a focus on one defined neighborhood at a time..

and Vanessa Cao.  Her inspiring idea is to nurture dialogue conversations and group synergy, so that creative breaththroughs can happen within individuals and between groups of people, the dialogue about creativity, peace and activism.