Celebrate International Day of Peace w/Creative Orange County, Golden West College, 10:30am – 2pm Today

Today from 10:30am – 2pm, join Creative Orange County, curator and producer, TEDx SAArtistsVillage at Golden West College (the Quad), 15744 Goldenwest Street, Huntington Beach CA.

TEDx fan, Vanessa Cao and her Peace Club buddies have organized a spectacular “International Day of Peace” celebration.  Enjoy dialogues and conversations about creativity, peace and activism.  Live painting and local art will be for sale (help rebuild the Native Garden after the fire).  Activities include music jam circle, human knot game, firsbee, hula hoops, Say Something Nice open mic..

Come and say hi…





OCCCA Hosts After Party!!!

You First Exhibition at OCCCA hosts TEDxSAArtistsVillage* After Party

The Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (OCCCA), is pleased to present “You First” an extraordinary exhibition and opening night of diverse, dynamic and thought provoking relational art and performance.  In conjunction with our “You First” opening reception-festivities, OCCCA will be hosting the official TEDxSAArtistsVillage After Party !

Curated by Artists Rob Mintz and Dalibor Polivka “You First“,  is a unique art exhibition arriving with more than fifty attractions!  Dive into the think tank if you dare! Featuring young partisans of the real from the nation’s top schools — plus a cadre of international art  luminaries* –
You FirstOpening Reception: Saturday October 1st, 2011. 5pm to 10pm
Performances begin at 7:00 p.m.
TEDxSAArtistsVillage* After Party
(in conjunction with “You First” Opening Reception):
Saturday October 1st, 2011.  7pm to 10pm
Free Admission!
Food Trucks will be serving on the opening:
Orange County Center for Contemporary Art
117 North Sycamore
Santa Ana, CA USA, 92701
 “Is an artist run California nonprofit corporation.  OCCCA affiliate
artists are committed to presenting contemporary art exhibitions in an
atmosphere conducive to discussion without censorship.”
You First Exhibition at OCCCA
 Curatorial Statement “You First”
Curated by Dalibor Polivka and Rob Mintz, founders of Ufora, the Universal Festival of
Relational Art, “You First”  presents authentic & genuine Relational Aesthetics: art in the here  and now! See it, feel it, think it through! The great dream belongs to
everyone! Glimpse the new paradigm. It’s no longer business as usual. (Exhibit may contain language not suitable for children under eighteen years of age.) See poets, slaves, soap-sellers, lovers, inmates, outcasts, scientists, city planners, a guy reading a newspaper, a woman in a tree! See artists, documentarians and photojournalists at the
height of their game. Art is more than just another facet of life: it’s the name of a hope, reaffirming the social bond.
During the opening, choreographer Sheron Wray and her dance troupe will
improvise interactively with the audience. On the same night, “You First” will present Zoe Gruni’s performance piece, Urban Jackalope,  first seen at the Biennale di Venezia, plus the dance stylings of Derek  Fleming of Soul Train fame. Milan Kovac, the Consulate General of the Slovak Republic, will present documentation of Slovakia’s humanitarian aid in troubled regions of the world.
“You First”  has received the kind endorsement of the French critic and curator
Nicolas Bourriaud who coined the term, “relational aesthetics.” Another true art luminary, Alfredo Cramerotti, a UK-based artist, author and curator, represents himself with a collaborative blog and videos about the radical European art fair Manifesta. Best-selling social visionaries  Michiel Schwarz & Joost Elffers’ will reveal new symbols for a
sustainable future. NYC’s favorite rock and roll fashionista, Jordan Betten, will demonstrate how to dress for the party. Marc Pally, a high-power hyphenate, is both the artistic director of Glow (an all night event held in Santa Monica) and an LA-based artist showing sensitive, stylized drawings of a human face, wry, melancholy and
somehow heroic. Max Presneill, mercurial director of the Torrance Art Museum, exhibits brooding, painterly explorations of cognition and experience. Arie Galles, a professor at Soka University, artist and gallery director, bears witness to the Holocaust in a series
of large-scale drawings of maps and aerial photographs from military archives. Art collectives are a fascinating phenomenon — and there is none more elusive than Finishing School, masters of street-smart provocation.
The artists in “You First”  are graduates of the most prestigious art programs in the
nation, among them Art Center, Art Institute of Chicago, Cal Arts, California College of the Arts, Cornell, Cranbrook, Harvard, Mills College, MIT, New York Academy of Art, Otis, Rhode Island School of Design, Rutgers, San Francisco Academy of Art, and Yale. The participants in “You First” come from the United States, Italy, France, England, Sweden, and Slovakia, nomadic citizens of the planet Art. A complete exposition about “You First”, the ideas and personalities that shaped it — and the Ufora project in general — will be unpacked in a forthcoming book by the curators.* The art luminaries include: Base Design, Jordan Betten, Nicolas Bourriaud, Finishing School, Derek Fleming, Arie Galles, Zoe Gruni, Milos Koptak, Marc Pally, Max Presneill, Michiel Schwarz & Joost Elffers, Karen Smith & Ida Hledikova, Stealthart, Wolfgang Steahle, Ta Tu, and Sheron Wray.

1st Annual Creative Orange County Short Film/Video Festival Finalists!!!

The Finalists are :

  • Sidney Diongzon…”My Super Friend”
  • Malachi Rempen …”Contentment”
  • Michael Aronson…”The Ordinary”
  • Matt Brailey…”Long Live the Duke”
  • John Salcido…”Cataplexy”
  • Sarah Wilson Thacker…”Freeze Dance”
  • Chris Bryant…”Miss Fortune’s Lottery”
  • Ruthie Hall….”Sally”
  • Joanna Grasso…”Yellow”

Thank you to all who entered.  1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Winners to be shown, announced at TEDxSAArtistsVillage, 10.1.11. Tickets are $55, on sale right here…

Meet Our Team… Wendy Sherman, GCAC Reception Major Duomo

Wendy Sherman has over twenty years
experience as an independent Graphic Designer working exclusively in the music business under her company name, Art Slave. From 2003-2005 Wendy served on the Board Of Governors for The Recording Academy (The Grammys®). She founded and chaired the Art Direction Committee, an offshoot of the Board, and helped organize three album cover art related events. In 2008 Wendy was instrumental in organizing an art exhibit honoring the legendary album cover artist Alex Steinweiss
at the Robert Berman Gallery. After the success of the Steinweiss exhibit, Wendy was invited to join the advisory board at Grand Central Art Center in
Santa Ana, where she continues to serve as secretary. Through her love of Grand Central Art Center and new found passion for curating art exhibitions, Wendy decided to attend the masters program in Exhibition Design at Cal State Fullerton in 2010. She is now in her second year at CSUF and hopes to graduate in 2013. Wendy is co-curating an upcoming exhibition on the Home Savings and Loan murals of Millard Sheets which will be on display in the project room at GCAC in May of 2012. She can be reached at http://artslave.com/curator/.


GCAC Hosts TEDx Reception…

The center is approximately twenty-five miles south of Los Angeles and seventy miles north of San Diego.

The Cal State Fullerton Grand Central Art Center is the result of a unique partnership between the university and the city of Santa Ana. Located ten miles south of the main campus in the heart of downtown Santa Ana the art center is a mixed residential, commercial and educational complex. The art center is a 45,000 square-foot and houses: live/studio spaces for visual arts graduate students, the Grand Central Gallery, the Project room, the Grand Central Theater, Watermark Press, the Gypsy Den Café, a Sales Gallery, classrooms, and a studio and living space dedicated to the center’s international artist-in-residence

The city of Santa Ana purchased and refurbished what was the Grand Central
Building—originally built in 1924 the building served as the central market for
Orange County up until the 1940s. Santa Ana community activist and visionary
Don Cribb and Cal State Fullerton Gallery Director Mike McGee originally
conceived the Grand Central Art Center in 1994 as the anchor and catalyst for a
ten-square block area in the heart of downtown designated as the Artists
Village. The subsequent success of the Artists Village has helped spawn a
cultural and economic renewal.

Meet Our Team…Tyler Speer, Presentation Design Expert

Tyler Speer is co-founder of MondayDots, a presentation design
company that focuses on “modeling complexity with dots,” where they take complicated ideas and model them using simple animations, so that anyone can understand them. He has an entrepreneurial spirit and thrives  off of sharing ideas to push forward society, business and creativity. Tyler was a member of the planning committee in technology for the TEDxFullerton event in 2010 and is excited to be apart of the TEDxSAArtistVillage team!